As a man (and once a boy), I like my t-shirts especially when they are associated with ther heroes, movies or games I love. Every now and then, a tee will stand out and rise to the occassion and so without any further delay, I unveil the tee with the three important qualities of a true hero: Power, Wisdom and Courage.

Only available to the true gallant protagonist who hopes to prevail over the forces of darkness.

Available in 100% cotton or the supremely soft 50/50 poly/cotton blend.

A must have for any geek’s wardrobe who believe he is a hero.


Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!

Very inspiring video. Whoever says you can’t do it, don’t waste your time with them. Follow what you believe in – whatever it may be – and you shall achieve it.


It can be quite a shocking experience when you are sorting your hair in the mirror and there it is a grey hair. You think to yourself I can’t have grey hair, I am to young, but the fact is grey hair does not discriminate. It does not care what age you are or if your a man or woman. Some people just embrace it and just happily go grey. And I say more power to those people, but for some of us we want our hair to stay its natural color at least for a little but longer. We are going to look at a few hints and tips on how to win the war against grey hair.

No Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of grey hair and it also causes us to age faster in general. Make sure to make a little time for your self. Even if it is just a nice long hot soak in the bath with your favorite book. Lock the door and just have a nice bath in piece and quite.

No More Smoking

You should want to stop smoking anyway, but it has been scientifically proven that smoking causes you to age faster. Quitting smoking will speed up your circulation which is a great way at reducing grey hair.

Keep Drinking

Water that is. making sure you keep your self well hydrated is very important. Dehydration and a lack of moisture in your body is no good for your hair at all as well as the rest of your body. A lack of hydration and moisture stops the hair follicles getting all the good stuff they need and thus can make them turn grey.


No I am not talking about a English bobby, but the copper in your diet. Taking a multivitamins that has copper in it is a great way to help fight away that unwanted grey hair.

More Iodine

A lack of iodine is actually something that many people have these days, but getting enough is a great way to make sure your hair stays its natural color. Foods that are rich in iodine are things such as carrots and spinach.

More Protein Please

Many people think that protein is something that our bodies need or that it is only for body builders who want to look like The Incredible Hulk. Protein is vitally important for everyone’s body and there hair.

Sleep Time

Sleeping helps you relax and de-stress so making sure you get enough sleep is not only a great way to make you feel better, but also a good soldier in the battle against grey hair.

Hit The Gym

Well maybe not the gym, but at least do a little exercise. There is no point eating all the right food if you are not circulating all the goodness around your body now is there. Give your self a nice scalp massage to help circulation.

Over The Counter Products

You can get some really great products over the counter these days all telling you that they can stop grey hair. You may want to give one of these a try. I would recommend checking online at reviews to see what one have gotten the best results.


Bill Fay’s new song “Be At Peace With Yourself”. It’s a beautiful song and I really enjoy it.


There can be nothing better than having a great night out on the town with some of your best buddies. You look good, smell good and have a full pocket of cash. Nothing can stand in your way…… Well except the thought of having a really bad hangover. There are ways however that you can still go out and hit the town have a rocking good time, but not feel like death the next day. We are going to have a look at how you can avoid having a nasty hangover.

Know Your Limits

This is the most obvious, but it is the easiest way to stop your self from getting a bad hangover. If you know that you cannot handle a huge amount of drink then do not drink a huge amount o drink. Its really common sense, but if you know that a certain kind of alcohol gives you a bad hangover then do not drink it!!!

Have A Good Meal

Having a full stomach before you hit the town is a great idea. The main culprit in your body who likes to give you hangovers is called acetaldehyde. Having a full stomach reduce the amount of acetaldehyde in your stomach. Also having a nice meal is a great way to start the night.

Just On Alcohol To Rule Them All

Ok sorry for the bad Lord of the Rings pun, but mixing alcohol is a sure way to wake up the next morning with a terrible hangover. Try and stick to just the one kind of alcohol all night.

Keep Drinking…….. Water

Drinking alcohol can make you really dehydrated due to the fact that it makes you need to urinate far more than you normally would. Have some water a few times over the course of the night. It is recommended actually that you have one glass of water per glass of alcohol that you are consuming.

I Didn’t Listen And Now I Have A Hangover

Ok so you have a hangover well we are not going to leave you high and dry. Here are just a few small tips on how to manage your hangover.

Drink Water

Yes this is here also. Alcohol really dehydrates you so to speed up your recovery, make sure that you drink a decent amount of water.


Sleep is one of the best ways to speed up getting over a hangover and most people find it really easy to just fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV.

No Coffee

Despite what people may think coffee does not sober you up. What it does do is just dehydrate you even more.

No More Drinking

Do not panic I am not saying no more drinking forever, but you certainly may want to lay of the drink for at the very least a couple of days if you are nursing a really bad hangover.


Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has been chosen to be the venue to host the largest BASE jump. Seven professional BASE jumpers, participated in this adrenaline pumping display to welcome the New Year. I wasn’t there to see it but watch the video, it is absolutely thrilling!


Having a dog is one of the best joys you can have in your life. There is nothing better than coming home from a hard days work to be greeted by your four legged buddy. Or on a cold winter morning to walk in the family room and see him sleeping on the rug. With that being said it can be a very painful thing to watch your best buddy suffer. Arthritis in dogs is just as bad as it is for humans, but there are some things that you can do to help them be more comfortable. We are going to look at a few ways to make your dogs life easier.

Natural Supplements

Chondroitin and glucosamine are the main ingredient in most natural supplements that you can buy. There are a ton of over the counter natural supplements that you can but that will help ease your pet’s joints. Many dog owners have reported great results for their flurry friend when using these natural supplements.

Prescription Drugs

You can actually get a prescription from your local vet to help with canine arthritis. Dog aspirins such as Rimadyl and Deramaxx are what you would need to inquire about that can aid to relief the pain. These drugs have to be prescribed by a vet and your dog will need to have some blood tests in order to make sure they will not have a toxic reaction to the medication.


On one hand surgery may be recommended to help with dog arthritis, however the cost can be astronomical. Some surgeries can cost upward of four grand. As much as you love your dog that kind of money is hard to come by for any one these days. Also surgery should be a decision that should not be made lightly. You need to get as much information as possible. Before surgery your dog would be required to have to go through a series of tests so the vet can make a decision if it is really necessary for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Canine arthritis can really cause your dog major problems if you do not get it treated and treated fast. Luckily there are a few different options for you out there that do not require surgery. In many cases a natural supplement is more than enough to get your dog back to his old self so you should try that before you do any thing else. And as always if you are unsure check with your vet.


I actually have a really cool life, but how I got to the point I am at now…. Well I really am not quite sure. It started off innocently enough there I was minding my own business then this girl comes up to talk to me. We got chatting went out a few times and now here I am 11 years later a married with three kids. How on earth  did that happen and why the heck did I just run down stairs to check if the washing machine had finished its fast spin cycle. Oh my god without even realizing I have been domesticated I am pretty much like a cat that has been trained to behave inside the house.

In truth I have no idea how this happened to me. As when I lived at home I was one of those guys whose mummy would do everything for him. My wife on the other hand would not. I am not saying she would not do anything, but she certainly made me pull my own weight. Not that I am complaining at all. It started out small like loading the washer and stuff like that. Then it would change to me putting in a full load washing it and then putting it out on the line.

When we had our first child we both worked at a school. I really wanted out because I wanted to concentrate on my writing full time. It was decide then that I would become a stay at home dad. Now this was great and I loved every single minute of being a stay at home dad. But as well as becoming a stay at home dad I became even more domesticated. “Could you run the hover around if you get a minute” was a quite I heard quite a lot. And I had no problem with it at all, but after I while I started to get the vacuum cleaner out without her even telling me. My son would ask for some Pringles and I would be like “Ok but do not make a mess I have just cleaned the floor” Who had I become? What had happened to me? Wait no time to answer that question just yet I have another load of washing to take out the machine.

In all it sounds like I am complaining, but I am only kidding I love that I have been “domesticated” all marriages should be equal anyway and I honestly feel like every guy should at least help out around the house. To be honest I think that a guy should want to help as well and not be forced to. It was never that I did not want to do these things it was just I never really thought about it at all. Now though thanks to my domestication I will notice when there is dust on other things as well as just the TV. I just have to give credit to my sneaky wife for making this transition happen without me even realizing.