Making Of A Happily Domesticated Husband

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I actually have a really cool life, but how I got to the point I am at now…. Well I really am not quite sure. It started off innocently enough there I was minding my own business then this girl comes up to talk to me. We got chatting went out a few times and now here I am 11 years later a married with three kids. How on earth  did that happen and why the heck did I just run down stairs to check if the washing machine had finished its fast spin cycle. Oh my god without even realizing I have been domesticated I am pretty much like a cat that has been trained to behave inside the house.

In truth I have no idea how this happened to me. As when I lived at home I was one of those guys whose mummy would do everything for him. My wife on the other hand would not. I am not saying she would not do anything, but she certainly made me pull my own weight. Not that I am complaining at all. It started out small like loading the washer and stuff like that. Then it would change to me putting in a full load washing it and then putting it out on the line.

When we had our first child we both worked at a school. I really wanted out because I wanted to concentrate on my writing full time. It was decide then that I would become a stay at home dad. Now this was great and I loved every single minute of being a stay at home dad. But as well as becoming a stay at home dad I became even more domesticated. “Could you run the hover around if you get a minute” was a quite I heard quite a lot. And I had no problem with it at all, but after I while I started to get the vacuum cleaner out without her even telling me. My son would ask for some Pringles and I would be like “Ok but do not make a mess I have just cleaned the floor” Who had I become? What had happened to me? Wait no time to answer that question just yet I have another load of washing to take out the machine.

In all it sounds like I am complaining, but I am only kidding I love that I have been “domesticated” all marriages should be equal anyway and I honestly feel like every guy should at least help out around the house. To be honest I think that a guy should want to help as well and not be forced to. It was never that I did not want to do these things it was just I never really thought about it at all. Now though thanks to my domestication I will notice when there is dust on other things as well as just the TV. I just have to give credit to my sneaky wife for making this transition happen without me even realizing.

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