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If I am honest I think that to pigeon hole parenting into just a few categories is really quite tough as in truth all kids are different and what works for one may never in a million years work for another. However if I had to I would say that there are two schools of parenting Authoritarian and Democratic sorry I do not mean to offend anyone here, but I do not count permissive as a parenting type it is not parenting if 90 percent of the time you let your kids do what they want.

Democratic ParentingAny way without standing on a soap box I want to share with you what type of parenting worked out best for me as a father and for my kids.

Authoritarian Parenting

Ok I in no way am a authoritarian parent I could never in a million years have or want complete 100 percent control over every single little thing my boys do, but that does not mean I am saying this is a bad choice for all parents it just simply would not work for me and the kind of personality that I have or for the kind of personality that my boys have.

However it did work for my sister. One of her children needed my sisters and her husband to be this kind of parent. I am not saying my niece is a bad kid at all, but she had the kind of personality where she needed to be told what to do she needed rigid guide lines of what exactly she could and could not do or there was the chance that she could have gone of the rails as a kid. So in a case like this authoritarian parenting is perfect. Now I am not saying you would only use this if your kids are “naughty” it is purely that some kids need to have there boundaries really set in stone.

Democratic Parenting

If I had to put myself into a category then it would be this one. Not only does this style of parenting fit me, but it also works best for my boys as well. I personally feel that the role of the democratic parent is not to have a “right and wrong” and “punishment and reward” system in place that is very strict. I like to try my best to teach my boys what is right and wrong. Many times this results in them making there own decisions on some minor things.

It is not always right as no doubt sometimes your kids will make the wrong decisions, but that is also part of this parenting style. I do not go mad at them when they screw up instead I try and explain to them why they are in trouble. My kids know the rules and that I expect them to do there best to live by them, but at the end of the day they are kids and they will try and push every once in a while. So it is important that they know that they know that bad behavior has consequences.

I do not want my kids to grow up with needing other people to tell them what is right and wrong. I want them to know the difference themselves and for me democratic parenting is the way to achieve this.

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