The following are some simple lifestyle and diet changes that can help one to release the right chemicals to activate the thyroid gland and provide you with ample energy all day long.

Run or walk for 30 minutes a day. Walking helps with the body’s fluid circulation. Unlike the heart/blood system, glands and the lymphatic system (the body’s immune system) don’t have an internal pump, so at least mild exercise is needed to mobilize the chemicals and cells. Exercise releases endorphins and increases serotonin levels (the feel-good chemical).

More Energy

Amp up exercise routine. We all know by now that there is no easy fix to weight loss and energy boosting. Exercise is an absolute necessity for healthy living and boosting metabolism, so work yourself up to where you can exercise vigorously (keeping a healthy heart rate) for 30-60 minutes a day, six days a week.

Use a variety of exercises. Changing up your routine will not only keep you motivated, but will ensure there is no muscle memory and stagnation in those feel-good chemicals released in the brain when you exercise.

Focus on muscle building. Muscles don’t just burn a lot of fat, but they use a lot more energy than unused or untrained muscles. Extra muscle keeps the metabolic “thermostat” running even when your body is at rest.

Take advantage of the after burn period. This is the period right after a workout, where the body is continuously burning calories and producing energy. Don’t sit or lie down right after a workout.

I Think I AmI think, therefore I am. Nearly all holistic practitioners will suggest meditative and daily positive affirmations as part of any treatment program. Meditation is key to not only balancing the mind, but setting intentions, of which the body will absolutely respond. Holistic approaches make it a point to remind people of their own power to heal, with the help of Earth’s natural resources.

Reiki energy therapy. This is a special form of hands-on therapy that uses an ancient form of energy transference, used in Japan for thousands of years before coming to the west. Clearing of chakras and balancing of body functioning may be just what is needed.

Vitamin therapy. A multivitamin is usually sufficient, but sometimes the body needs more vitamin B, C, and D than more fit bodies. Ask your practitioner for their advice. As helpful as they are, you don’t want to overuse natural supplements.

Aromatherapy. Essential oils can be a great help in boosting metabolism. Scents like lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, citrus/grapefruit, and ginger. They can be worn or added to teas and waters. These ingredients are known for their holistic benefits in controlling appetite, boosting energy, and burning fat.


Buying a toy for a toddler can be quite tough. Sure for some its easy they just go into a store and buy the first licensed stuffed animal they see. Which do not get me wrong can be great, but if you want to buy something that will make them think as well as having fun then you may want to put a little more thought into it. With that being said here are a few fun toys for toddlers that are also educational. As a parent I want to let you guys know that this list is made up of toys that I have personally bought for my own kids so I recommend these to you as a parent who has seen all of these  in action.

Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo

LEGO Duplo is a great way for a child to think creatively while they are playing. Regular Lego is great, but some toddlers still like to put things in their mouths. Lego Duplo though is just like Lego only it is much larger and safer for a toddler. Like regular Lego you can buy all kinds of fun sets including some based on popular licenses such as Disney.

Fisher Price Little People

Little People

The Little People range from Fisher Price is really cool and I am speaking here from personal experience. My son and daughter loved their Little People toys. These are a great way of making your child use their imagination as they play. The play sets that you can buy have various little features that they can play with. The Little People range caters for both boys and girls. For little girls there are characters and play sets based on Disney Princesses. And for the boys they have characters and play sets based on DC Super Heroes like Batman and Superman.

LeapFrog Leap Pad

Leapfrog Leap Pad

Kids these days love playing on their parents tablets and mobile phones. There are many companies who make tablets that are designed for kids aged from as young as three. The Leap Pad from LeapFrog is one of the best. This tablet has a ton of great features and games that are not only fun, but educational as well. The cool thing is that it starts of simple for younger children with games based on shapes and stuff like that. As they get older though you can buy new games that help mathematic skill as well as reading and writing. This may be an electronic device, but its very well made and is designed for the rough and tumble that toddlers bring.

Little Tikes Toy Cash Register

Toy Cash Register

This toy cash register from Little Tikes did wonders for my daughter in terms of her learning to count. And as well as that she had a great deal of fun with this as well. Little Tikes make their toys very well and they can take a real pounding. This cash register toy will help your kids maths skills and even their social skills as well as they pretend to be a cashier. Now I want to add that it does not have to be this particular model of toy cash register as truth be told there are literally hundreds of toy cash registers on the market. Any one is sure to help your child learn basic mathematics all the while having a great time.


If I am honest I think that to pigeon hole parenting into just a few categories is really quite tough as in truth all kids are different and what works for one may never in a million years work for another. However if I had to I would say that there are two schools of parenting Authoritarian and Democratic sorry I do not mean to offend anyone here, but I do not count permissive as a parenting type it is not parenting if 90 percent of the time you let your kids do what they want.

Democratic ParentingAny way without standing on a soap box I want to share with you what type of parenting worked out best for me as a father and for my kids.

Authoritarian Parenting

Ok I in no way am a authoritarian parent I could never in a million years have or want complete 100 percent control over every single little thing my boys do, but that does not mean I am saying this is a bad choice for all parents it just simply would not work for me and the kind of personality that I have or for the kind of personality that my boys have.

However it did work for my sister. One of her children needed my sisters and her husband to be this kind of parent. I am not saying my niece is a bad kid at all, but she had the kind of personality where she needed to be told what to do she needed rigid guide lines of what exactly she could and could not do or there was the chance that she could have gone of the rails as a kid. So in a case like this authoritarian parenting is perfect. Now I am not saying you would only use this if your kids are “naughty” it is purely that some kids need to have there boundaries really set in stone.

Democratic Parenting

If I had to put myself into a category then it would be this one. Not only does this style of parenting fit me, but it also works best for my boys as well. I personally feel that the role of the democratic parent is not to have a “right and wrong” and “punishment and reward” system in place that is very strict. I like to try my best to teach my boys what is right and wrong. Many times this results in them making there own decisions on some minor things.

It is not always right as no doubt sometimes your kids will make the wrong decisions, but that is also part of this parenting style. I do not go mad at them when they screw up instead I try and explain to them why they are in trouble. My kids know the rules and that I expect them to do there best to live by them, but at the end of the day they are kids and they will try and push every once in a while. So it is important that they know that they know that bad behavior has consequences.

I do not want my kids to grow up with needing other people to tell them what is right and wrong. I want them to know the difference themselves and for me democratic parenting is the way to achieve this.


Taking care of fine Persian rugs is absolutely crucial. With the money that you spend on Persian rugs, you can’t afford to have issues. Sometimes, it may seem like no matter how much you work to take care of the rug itself, there are other elements that can wear down on your rug quite quickly. If you have atrium windows in your home, specifically in the same room as your fine Persian rug, you may notice that you have a problem much like other atrium window owners. The fact is that there are several atrium window problems that come with purchasing poor quality windows that can lead to damage to your Persian rug.

Poor Vinyl Construction

One of the biggest damages that can occur to your fine Persian rug happens when it is exposed to the elements. Atrium vinyl windows have problems that can often allow the natural elements like heat and humidity to get in and do severe damage to your fine Persian rug, as well as your other furniture. The water that can get in through poorly built atrium windows can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your rug.

Installation Issues

If you’re about to get atrium windows installed in your home, it’s important that you remove your Persian rug to assure that damage doesn’t occur. Atrium vinyl windows from lackluster manufacturers have a high amount of debris that can fall off during installation. This debris can actually lead to several problems with staining your rug. The worst part about these stains is that they are incredibly difficult to get off of your rug.

Sunlight and Atrium Windows

When the sun beams through an atrium window, the heat that is generated from the sun is one of the biggest atrium vinyl windows problems that exist today. This consistent pressing of heat against your Persian rug can lead to severe discoloration, which could permanently ruin your rug.

It’s important that you read atrium window reviews before you purchase one to go in the same room as your fine Persian rug. Not doing so could lead to several issues with your expensive investment.

If your fine rug need specialise or custom cleaning, check out the services of Persian Rug Cleaner at which take pride in their 2,500 year old rug cleaning cleaning methods. No chemicals are used and each rug is carefully cleaned by hand.


I had seen bed bugs on TV before and while I am not a person who is scared of bugs these little guys really creeped me out big time. I do not know what exactly it was about them. Possible the fact that they wanted to feed on me when I was asleep that made me feel so uneasy. With that being said I have been lucky enough that seeing them on TV shows was the only experience I ever had with them. Until I went on holiday. Nope my hotel was not filled with them….. well it actually probably was, but I never realized. It was when I got home and some obviously decided to come back with me. I freaked out big time and now I want to try and help you guys out so you do not have to go through this. Here are a few tips to prevent bed bugs hitching a ride back home with you.

Bing Your Hotel

Check your hotel in BING along with the word bed bugs and check if they have a history of people who have had bad experiences there. I am sure you will search your hotel anyway, but make sure you check for bed bugs as well.

Zips And Zippers

It is said that bed bug hitch-hike the majority of the time come back in peoples luggage not their cloths. And that they like nothing better than to hide in the zips and zippers of your luggage. Make sure you check before you pack and after. You probably want to check before you even get in your house as well.

Buy Bed Bug Spray

You can actually buy a spray that is designed to stop bed bugs from wanting to go into your luggage.

Keep Your Clothing Covered

If you want to go that extra mile then do not put your cloths in any of the closets or drawers in the hotel room. Keep them in ziplock bags inside your luggage and only take them out when you need them. This may seem a little excessive, but if you really are worried this is a great way to keep your mind at ease.

Wash All Items Right Away

When you get home do not just throw your holiday clothing in the hamper and leave them there for a few days. Put them straight in the wash and turn on the heat. Likewise make sure you thoroughly clean your suitcase or any other luggage that you may have.

Call In The Pros

If you had already brought back a bed bug army as a souvenir from your trip then call in a bug exterminator. At the very least they will be able to put your mind at ease.

Watch out… It has been proven that an army of these creepy crawlies can attack a person 500 times in one night!

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So so true! Just like the bumble bee…


I am sure what I am about to write will be the same for many of you guys. A few years ago when I was driving home I noticed that someone in my area had solar panels. I thought that was weird as the people that had them were not that rich and I had always thought they would be really expensive. I never really gave it a second thought, but then over the last couple of years, it seems like more and more people are getting solar panels on their roofs. What the hell is going on?

I was really surprised at just how many people in my local area alone had solar panels. So I thought that maybe it was time I jumped on the bandwagon. Well I did and I must say I am sorry I waited so long. I want to share with you guys the benefits of having solar panels on your home.

They Do Not Cost That Much Money

Getting solar panels is really not as expensive as I thought it would be. Sure you can learn how to build your own solar panel or buy the entire solar kit up front if you want, but many companies out there will let you take out a monthly payment plan to test out if going solar is right for you and your household.

Saving Money

Solar panels will save you money over the long run, but depending on how much electricity your house uses each month will depend on who quickly you notice the difference. For example if your household uses a lot of electricity then you will notice the savings much faster than if you do not use that much. No mater what though you will have more money in your pocket by having solar panels.


It has already been proven that by adding solar panels to your home that you are in fact increasing the value of your property.

Low Maintenance

As solar panels have no moving parts to them they require very little maintenance if any. The lack of moving parts mean that they will last a very long time.

They Look Cool

Well the do don’t they. Solar panels look like something right out of the future and with so many homes having them no they really do not look out of place at all.

Nice And Quiet

One thing that never gets mentioned really about solar panels is that they are completely silent they just do there job and do not make a big noise.

Helping The Environment

Of course as well as the money side of things many people like solar energy because it is a clean energy source that is nice and easy on the planet unlike our reliance on fossil fuels.


If more and more people adopt solar panels on their homes then the country will be less dependent on other countries in order to help provide energy.

You Can Even Make A Few Bucks

If you are one of the lucky few that generate more solar energy than you can use, you can also sell some of it back to the power company.

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If you are a Twilight fan, you will definitely love this song by Christina Perri. She has a beautiful voice and it’s a beautiful song. One of my friend use this song as the main theme on his wedding day… WOW!


This is OUTSTANDING!! I would expect all the parents I know to share or tweet this! Love this!!!


Negativity spreads like a disease and if you are not careful it can very easily infect you without you even realizing that it has. We have all worked with, been related to, or know negative people. You know the type, those that have to put a downer on everything. Nothing is ever good they always see the worst in everything.

What many people do not realize is how this negative kind of attitude can actually affect what happens. You see when people give out positive energy and are generally happy it helps to keep you going and makes you rise above. But when you are surrounded by negative energy it can be very easy to fall into that same frame of mind. Today we are going to have a little look at just a few ways that can help you overcome negativity.

Do Not Put All Your Bad Experiences Together

Many people who are of negative thinkers will lump all the bad stuff that happens altogether. For example if Dave who is a very negative person one day had his girlfriend leave him then he would spread that negative feeling across how whole world by thinking thoughts like “my whole world is ruined” When the right way to go about an event like this is to be of the mind set “my girl friend may have left me, but at least I still have some great friends”.

Hang Around With Positive People

If you have friends who are always positive then they should be the ones you should call when you are in a bind. Not because they will tell you what you want to hear, but because positive people are much more likely to help you overcome your obstacles than simply dwell on then with you.


This one may sound crazy, but smile in the mirror at yourself. You will be amazed at how much this actually cheers you up and puts you in a good mood. And remember it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown.

Help Others

Never be negative to anyone else. It can be so easy to put a downer on someone else’s dreams. Movie director Kevin Smith really puts this in perspective with his Why Not speech. He talks about when people say they are going to do something and they are greeted with “why would you do that” or just why in general. Well instead of asking someone why they would do that ask them why not and tell them to go for it.

Moving On

When you make a mistake or something does go wrong it can be so easy to just sit and dwell on what has happened or the mistake you made. Well no bodies perfect so make your self learn from the experience and move on.